Iris Wallner is a composer for film, television and interactive media. She works in all musical genres but specializes in cinematic, symphonic soundtracks and modern film scoring.

Iris received her Master's degree in Music and Media Psychology from the University of Vienna. She studied composition and orchestration privately in Vienna and Los Angeles with renowned artists like Conrad Pope (orchestrations for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Harry Potter, The Hobbit and many more), Steven Scott Smalley, Richard Bellis and Bruce Broughton. She is trained both in traditional techniques and in contemporary compositional systems like Lyle Murphy's Equal Interval System and MIT.

In 2010, she had the honor of being selected as one of the participants in the prestigious ASCAP Television & Film Scoring Workshop in Los Angeles, where she conducted and recorded with the Hollywood Studio Symphony.

Iris has a comprehensive back catalogue of several hundreds of productions in a variety of fields, including film scores, game soundtracks, trailer and production music. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.




Two Kingdoms

A Close Escape

Chasing through Shanghai

Into the Lair

Alone in a Ghost Town


"Incendium" (2021) – d: Greg Strasz
"Happy Birthday" (2021) – d: Norbert Niederacher
"Du mein Klagenfurt" (2020) – d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Red - Yellow - Pink" (2020) - d: Jolanta Warpechowski
"Kumm steig um" (2020) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Masterpieces" (2019) - d: Alexander Mair
"Still ruht der See" (2019) - d: Daniel Zivkovic
"Brems dich ein" (2019) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Blicke können töten" (2018) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Wondershare" (2018) - Wondershare Technology, Ltd.
"Filmora - Empower Your Story" (2018) - Wondershare Tech., Ltd.
"Megan" (2018) - d: Greg Strasz
"filmArche Logo" (2017) - filmArche Berlin, d: Felix Knoche
"URSA" (2017) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"AMAG" (2017) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Industriestandort Oberösterreich" (2015) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Agraprofit" (2013) - YOOL
"Schmidt's Katze" (2012) - filmArche Berlin, d: Felix Knoche
"Schiedel Unternehmensfilm" (2012) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"SOPRO" (2012) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Eisland" (2011) - d: Alexander Oberhauser
"Der Teufel trägt Sneakers" (2011) - Angelfilm
"Healix" (2011) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Lifesave" (2011) - d: Felix Knoche
"Schiedel Stahl" (2011) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Geschenkte Energie" (2010) - d: Wolfgang Sendlhofer
"Infernale Trailer" (2007) - d: Felix Knoche
"Dagoberts schnelles Auge" (2005) - Thornton Mediaperformance

Interactive Media

400+ projects in the gaming/casino industry

Screwdriver Entertainment
· "Post World" (2018)
· "RTL Winter Sports 2011" (2011)
· "RTL Winter Sports 2012 - Feel the Spirit" (2011)
Burning Dog Media
· "Origins Of Malu"
Gran Studios
· "Fun Shooter" (2011)
Dream Forge Entertainment
· "Doom Rails" (2009)
Vizual FX Studios
· "Crusades" (2008)
Sproing Interactive/ValuSoft
· "Beyond Normandy - Assignment Berlin" (2005)
Triangle Productions/KEC Austria
· "XX Rufen Edition 2000" (1999)
· "Königsrufen" (1999)
· "Maya - Fate of Atlantis" (1998)

Ads/Corporate Sound

Austrian Parliament
Austrian Research Centers
eLearn Consult
Federal Economic Chamber Upper Austria
Land of Tyrol
Land of Upper Austria
Pittel + Brausewetter
P&G Immobilien
Schönbrunn Castle
Ruben & Partner
Wondershare Technology

Production Music

Warner Chappell Production Music
Proud Music Library

Sample Library Demos

Bela D Media
· "Vocal Tools Soprano"
· "Vocal Tools The Tenor"
· "Native Voice"
· "Paravox"
· "Vocal Tools Classical Voice"

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